Hardwood floors

Wood floors offer beauty, warmth and increase the property value of your home. Wood flooring should be a priority when investing in your homes. Most homes with wood floors sell faster and for higher prices.

Wood floors properly installed and maintained, provide you with a long-lasting, beautiful floor you can enjoy for a very long time. The big advantages of choosing to insall Hardwood floors in your  home is that Wood flooring can be restored And refinished many times over it’s life, recovering the beauty they once had.

Hardwood flooring will never go out of style. You can put your own creativity into hardwood by selecting from a wide range of stains. By adding a rich glow, hardwood floors will compliment any room.

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The precision, care And techniques of the Wood flooring installation is a major part of getting the end result that you want to achieve. We have an in-depth knowledge and long experience in the Hardwood flooring market, are updated constantly With new technology And new methods of work in the flooring industry And we are committed to customer satisfaction.

Floating Installation ( Laminate)

In this method we glue together the tongue and groove of every plank and the floor floats over a foam cushioned padding. If the flooring has a locking system we can lock the pieces together without glue. This can be used with either laminate or engineered wood floor, but either way the flooring is pre-finished. Not all engineered surfaces can be floated. Floating installation can also be placed over subflooring of questionable quality unlike the other two modes. Also, floating floors are a great option if you have multiple layers of flooring and do not want to remove them all. And floating installation The wear layer is important to consider as the thicker the layer the more times it can be refinished.

Generally, laminate flooring gives a hollow feeling underfoot with this mode of installation. Remember that floating floors expand and contract as a unit because the pieces of fused together. Allow for as much expansion area as possible.