Hardwood Floors

We provide hardwood flooring services in the area of Charlotte NC. Our services includes: sanding and refinishing hardwood floors, hardwood installation, laminate floors, buffing and re-coating, design etc.

sanding and refinishing charlotte
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Laminate Flooring

Installation of laminate floors is the process of putting flooring without attaching it directly to the floor. This means that laminate floors simply lies underneath any surface such as linoleum, cement, wood and others

laminate flooring charlotte
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Tiles and Backsplash

We provide our costumers with a wide range of services, this including tiles, mozaic, bath and kichten interiors and design. Painting is also one of our strong abillity in the process of making your home better.

tiles and backsplashes charlotte nc
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  • FREE Estimate
  • Sign the contract
  • Build&Instal
  • Happy Delivery

Well…if you decided to repair or modify or install a new hardwood in your home and you dont know how much will that cost you, we will come over, will make measurements, calculate services and materials(with the lowest prices around) and give you a FREE estimate. We provide EVERYBODY with free estimate services just to prove the fact that we are operating the lowest prices around our area.

Now…if you agreed with the cost that came from our free estimates, and you like our portfolio and decided to let us give your house a new image, the next step will be that we will sign a contract that will guarantee our excellent services and materials, and will give you the assurance that we are a commited company and the interest of our clients is hign above on our business relationship.

The next stept after signing the contrat will be that we will bring our team of specialized workers and tools and start building the new face of your floors. Our personnel is well qualified and the services that we will prove will be quality guaranteed and we will do our best to make sure that your expectations are fulfilled.

This is our best moment, the moment we deliver the work done, and we see the smile on our clients faces. We will deliver the job as it was signed in the contract, with all the expectations acomplished, aiming not only your satisfaction but also your positive recommendation.