Buffing and Re-coat

Recoating is also known as screen and recoating, which describes the process of the finish being lightly abraded with a mesh screen and then floor being recoated with a new layer of protective finish.

 While screen and recoating is a routine process to protect the hardwood floors in gyms and sports facilities, it can also been a great choice for homeowners or businesses whose floors simply need a new layer of finish!  

 Over time the top protective layer of finish will be worn down leaving the wood more vulnerable to spills and scratches.  Our screen and recoating procedure restores that protective finish layer.

By maintaining the top layer of finish, you will keep your floors looking better and lasting longer Polyurethane can’t protect a floor forever — it will eventually wear off. Typically this can start to really be evident anywhere from 3-5 years after the floors were sanded.

Watch highly trafficked areas for the first signs of scratching or wear to the floor, like entryways, kitchens, or doorways.